Monday, March 22, 2010

Kathmandu- Pokhara railway after 6 years

PushpaRaj Acharya
Kathmandu, 18 march
Peoples of western Nepal will visit in train from pokhara to Kathmandu. The so called Transport syndicate will be end afterward. But it is in the process under feasibility study now. Nepali peoples use trains what is only on their imagination. In Nepal there is only one railway janakpur-jaynagar. Feasibility of 200 kilometer kathmandu-pokhara railway is now going final. Two Indian companies Rite India and Silt Consultant are studying about kathmandu-pokhara electrical rail. It gives it inception and alignment report to Physical planning and construction Ministry.
The first alignment is from seti beach, it joins the seti and madi confluence. And next one is from madi beach joins same place. According to Tulasi Prasad Sitaula, joint secretary of physical planning ministry, first alignment from seti beach consist 99 km and second one consists 109 km tunnel. The Railway line will be near of prithivi highway from pokhara to Belkhu. From Belkhu the railway line goes to Nuwakot and comes at Dharmasthli -Kathmandu. Feasibility study will be finished on the end of this fiscal year. 'Then we start Detail Design of this project', Sitaula added.
Ministry of Physical planning bid under the cost of 90 million for feasibility study. 19 international companies applied for that bid and Rite India was selected. 'we evaluate his proposal, and company is also working in different projects in Nepal for several years', recalled sitaula. 'It also purpose us on low rate', he added. Company is working on the cost of 83 million. Rite is also working in Hulaki Highway under construction.
20 megawatt electricity is needed for this electrical rail. Physical planning ministry begs Budget for Detail Design of this project. The project needs six fiscal year for completion.
Rite India is also working for Janakpur-Bardibas (Mahottari) railway.

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