Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Four additional custom stations on Nepal-India border

PushpaRaj Acharya
Kathmandu, 17 March
There will be four custom stations on Nepal and India's border soon. Both of those countries have agreements to make new stations soon. After those four stations, number of border check post will become 26.
New stations will opens in Baharaich and shreevastava. After establishing the custom station, security check will also be facilitated. The Quantity Import with India becoming huge. In 1995, we've only 440million rupees trade with India but in 2009, it becomes 32 billion rupees. On the last visit of Indian commerce minister Anand Sharma and Nepali commerce and supplies minister Rajendra Mahato talks about adding 4 check post.
The Trade Treaty of Nepal and India opens Maheshpur-Thutibari, Sikta-Bishowbazar, Laukaha-Thadi and Gulariya-Murtiha custom stations. Murtiha check post is located near the camp of SSB. Raksaul, Bhairahawa and Rupeidiha are the major trade border bazaars of Nepal with India.

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