Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1000 billion's new Interim plan

66 percentage of investment from private sector
PushpaRaj Acharya
Katmandu, March 15
National planning commission plans for 1020 billion rupees investments in New interim plan (2010-2013). This investment is forecasted for 5.8 percentage of GDP.
NPC allocates 5.5 percentage of growth in previous plan. but 511 billion rupees invested on previous three years. 'We forecast this investment and growth by seeing the inflation on three year's period', vice-chairman of NPC Dr. YubRaj Khatiwoda said.
'We can't achieve the growth we allocated in this interim plan', he said, but we can achieve 4 percentage.
New plan is continuation of the running plan (2007-2010). but some strategic changes. Socio-economic change, employment based economic growth, physical structure appropriate to federalism and inclusive-brooded economic growth are the slight changes in strategy.
New plan gives continuity in peace keeping and constitution, periodic election, and prefers stability.
Agriculture, social and infrastructure development are categorized primarily. 'Like as previous plan Tourism and service sector are prioritized', said Pushpalal Shakya, joint secretary of NPC.
The importunacy of this plan is joint investment from public and private sector. According to shakya, public sector invests only 34 percent of total investment. Private sector will involve 66 percentage of investment.
In total expenditure 584 billion in public and 384 billion on development expenditure. 678 billion Revenue will collected in three years and 92 billion deficit budget allocated.
New constitution, Restructure of the nation, election of parliament and local election will conducted during this plan. New plan prioritized the public private partnership in investment.
Vice president Khatiwoda says, 'It would better new plan after Nepal development forum's (NDF) meeting. NPC will release new plan in mid July 2010.

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